Our Story

Welcome to our home where our customers are our guests. We’re Mike and Kristi, a husband and wife team who have a love for architecture, interior design and décor. We’ve lived in different places throughout the years, and in that time we’ve spent countless hours searching for unique finds, gathering a unique collection of items for our home.

We established our collection of curated goods in 2021 based in the firm belief that One's Home is Their Manor.

We are a home goods retailer specializing in distinctive interior fashions. Our primary goal is to bring unique objects and décor options into your world.  

While suiting all budgets, Cultivated Manor aims to provide affordable, accessible home fashion that inspires savvy people to get creative with their dwellings.

We realized that not everyone might enjoy the hunt the way we do, so we decided to create a singular curated source of home goods that will serve to enhance your living space - no matter where you may reside. We aspire to bring timeless pieces to our shop that will complement a range of décor styles. We also proudly stock unique and quirky objets d’art that push the envelope and spark conversation. We want to encourage our guests to take chances and have fun with their interiors.

Our individual strengths are different yet complementary to the function of Cultivated Manor. Kristi is the artistic spirit behind the Cultivated finds, with an instinctive eye for what pairs and plays well together. She is highly creative, with formal training in interior design and fine art. After pursuing her degree, Kristi branched out into the world of illustration (her original love) and has freelanced for over 15 years creating graphic art, portraiture and tattoo design. Mike is the analytical mind behind Cultivated Manor, with a background in computer sciences and the culinary arts. He also possesses nearly 20 years of experience in warehousing and global logistics. He’s always thinking about numbers, researching suppliers, and ensuring that we offer the best products to our guests. 

While Cultivated Manor offers our guests an inspired shopping experience, we will continue to follow trends while also stocking timeless staples. Welcome to our home – we hope you enjoy your visit.